• The Checkout Interviews Wayne Shorter

    February 8, 2011. Posted by Alex Rodriguez.

    Wayne Shorter will be performing this Wednesday at Town Hall -- for more, check out my preview that ran Friday in the Newark Star-Ledger. He'll also be featured on this week's edition of The Checkout. Producer Josh Jackson caught up with him last week from his home in West Hollywood, and suffered a few technical difficulties along the way. Here's his take on what went down:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

    It wasn't the best technology day.

    The telephone company was working on Wayne Shorter's phone, so the landline was not available. We resorted to using cell phones.  Bad move, but we rolled with it.  There were several dropped calls during the interview.

    After the second drop, I had trouble connecting to Mr. Shorter.  But the "tape" kept running.

    So Wayne turns to Shawn Campbell, the freelance recordist I hired to capture his voice, and says...

    I stole the idea to talk about Forbbiden Planet from Danilo Perez, who told me that Shorter was talking about the movie at length after the recent death of Leslie Nielsen. Just curious was all...

    Very good conversation followed, as you will hear on The Checkout this week -- featuring Wayne Shorter's favorite "University Voice."

    UPDATE: The interview is up -- it's an absolute must-hear!

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