March 31, 2008. Posted by Andrew Meyer.

    I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family:

    Diz the Cat

    Say hi to Dizzy (yes, as in that Dizzy!)

    Page and Diz

    My wife and I went to PAWS in Montclair over he weekend to adopt our first cat. Page had found a pair of kittens, brother and sister, online we wanted to meet... she'd even picked out names for them (Louis and Ella). However, when we got there, we discovered that those two had been adopted. We were introduced to some of the other cats, and while many of them were skittish, this tabby took right to Page.

    And she to him.

    It took a little convincing for me (I'm a dog person by nature); Page decided in the last year she really wanted to get a cat. I agreed but pointed out to her that a cat is a gateway drug to a dog - we're still negotiating on that one.

    Even before we got home, we were working on names. Louis wasn't right for this cat. We tried Dexter, Miles, Mose... None of them seemed right.

    Yo Diz

    Then, I said Dizzy, and before Page had a chance to say anything, the cat meowed, and we thought, Dizzy it is.

  • Notes From The Dennis Irwin Benefit

    March 10, 2008. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    I spent the whole show backstage. I didn't even realize that Dennis passed. It was only at the last when Aria Hendricks talked about Dennis before she sang "The Nearness of You" that I knew. None of the cats backstage were being mournful. Whenever anyone said anything about Dennis, it was a joyful story. I introduced Mose Allison in the concert, and when Mose was singing, John Scofield and others backstage remembered that Dennis knew all the lyrics to Mose's songs. I was amazed by the who's who backstage. I remember looking over and all the drummers were hanging out. Jack DeJohnette. Kenny Washington. Lewis Nash. Paul Motian. And then Matt Wilson walked by. They and all of the others at the concert knew, learned from, laughed with, loved, and were swung by Dennis Irwin.