• FIJM: Au revoir!

    July 7, 2008. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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     au revoir

    FIJM 2008 is now finished. As crowds made their way home, large videos of honoree Oscar Peterson were displayed on the side of nearby buildings. 'Au revoir' is used to express farewell, but literally translates to 'till [we] see [you] again'. Next year is both the Festival's 30th anniversary, and WBGO's. We're already looking forward to it!

  • FIJM: A packed house to close the festivities

    July 7, 2008. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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    Mory Kante, the Guinean griot and master of the kora just wrapped up his set. It was the closer of the Festival, and appropriate - mixing influences and sounds from all over the world, sounds which you could hear in the preceding 11 days of FIJM. It was as good an audience as I've seen, packing the streets around Place des Arts. There's no good way to capture in one picture the feel of the night or the massiveness of the crowd, but here's one attempt, from high above the Hyatt - the stage on the bottom left of the frame, the lights of the Plaza upper-left, and the crowd filling every available nook and cranny:

    mory kante at FIJM

  • FIJM Interview: Billy Bang

    July 5, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    Billy Bang Vietnam Reflections

    Billy Bang is here in Montreal. He's part of the 25th Anniversary concert for Justin Time Records. Bang has released two recordings related to his experience in Vietnam - both the pain and the healing. Bang spoke with Michael Bourne about reconciliation, from the perspective of an artist and a former warrior. There are some memorable moments in this conversation, including this great line: "We live the music that we perform, and we perform the music we live. There's no separation."
    Listen to the interview.