• Boom Tic Boom And Sexmob at 92Y And On WBGO HD2

    May 8, 2013. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

    WBGO's The Checkout! presented a live double bill from 92Y Tribeca of drummer Allison Miller's trio Boom Tic Boom and trumpeter Steven Bernstein's Sexmob on Wednesday, May 8 at 8 p.m. Watch video from both sets here.

    Want to hear more? WBGO's HD2 channel for new music, the jazz bee, features Boom Tic Boom's brand-new album, No Morphine, No Lillies, as well as past releases by Miller, Bernstein and their bandmates. Enjoy!

    Like WBGO's other live broadcasts, these shows live on in our video archive and at NPRmusic.org.


    Click here to watch Allison Miller with Boom Tic Boom:

    Click here to watch trumpeter Steven Bernstein with Sexmob:

    Watch live streaming video from wbgo at livestream.com

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