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    March 4, 2008. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    This could become an occasional report from your JazzSet producer, ears and eyes open, standards on the high side.Last night I went to see Michelle Walker sing at Zinc Bar. She's next generation and I like her! People will ask "who does she sound like?" so, without taking anything away from Michelle, I'll say Roberta Flack. Much of Michelle's material is original. With Daniela Schaechter (who's been on JazzSet and I'm a fan) on electric piano, Joseph Lepore on bass, and Dan Aran on drums, Michelle is leading a GREAT band, and deserves one. She sings on March 24 at The Bar Next Door. Her company is Jazz Girl Productions, and her myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/michellewalkerjazz

    When I got home, I opened a CD entitled "The Third Time Around" by pianist Sacha Perry, with Ari Roland on bass and Phil Stewart on drums. With all compositions by Perry, I'm reminded of "The Amazing Bud Powell" LP's. In other words, I'm happy! New compositions, miniature in feel, fast paced, well played, brain food and sounds good too. I listened to this CD three times this morning! On the Smalls Records label. http://www.smallsrecords.com/art-perry.htm

    Hope to report again soon! -- Becca Pulliam

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