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'In Newark, we dance!': The premiere of the Black House Black Joy podcast

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 Black woman Dancing
Cano El Nene

For House Heads, the dance floor is more than just a place to move their bodies to the beat. It's a space where they can fully immerse themselves in the music, connect with others who share their passion, and experience a sense of community and belonging. In this episode, we listen to the New Jersey-based dancers and creatives who view this space as sacred and life-changing.

Storyteller voices in order of appearance:

Special thanks to our In The Wake production team: Producer Shayna Wakefield, Editor ⁠Kayleigh Hepworth⁠, Associate Producers Chantaya King & Natalya Dumont. Photography by Cano El Nene Music by DJ Ron V and Rasmir Mantree

Black House Black Joy podcast is the production of ⁠WBGO Studios ⁠with production assistance from Corey Goldberg, Billy Robinson, and Stevan Smith.

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Notes: Dan Shiver's History of Soulful House was recorded circa 2016 hence his reference that Frankie Knuckles passed away a few years ago on March 31, 2014 (aged 59)

Jamara Wakefield is an arts and culture writer and creator currently living in Newark.