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WBGO celebrates Public Media Giving Days 2023

Think about the first time you listened to WBGO… what grabbed your ears? What made you realize that this was your home for your music? Now is the time to share that experience with friend and family by introducing them to WBGO Newark Public Radio..

That’s because this is the first day of “Public Media Giving Days”, a nationwide event recognizing the importance of independent public media and inviting new listeners to discover it for themselves. You can do your part by letting others know what you’ve found here: musical variety, rare cuts, and deep dives into artist catalogs; all supported by listeners like you.

It’s easy to do! Simply share the reasons you listen by posting to social (media) with the hashtag #WBGO #PublicMediaGives. You can also text, email, or just
talk to your friends! No matter how you do it, today’s the day to spread the word about what you’ve found on this publicly funded, listener-focused station: WBGO.