Wayne Shorter: The Newark Flash

February 8, 2011 by Josh Jackson  
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Wayne Shorter: The Newark FlashWBGO’s Josh Jackson talks to jazz legend Wayne Shorter.  The Wayne Shorter Quartet celebrates ten years together with a February 9th performance at Town Hall in New York.


21 Responses to “Wayne Shorter: The Newark Flash”
  1. Diane says:

    Wayne Shorter is a national treasure. One of the greatest American composers and musicians of my lifetime. Great interview, as usual, Josh!

  2. maria galeno says:

    He is the best!!!!love

  3. DH Bennett says:

    He’s the greatest. The man everyone says they like… but never really listen to!

  4. michel, france says:

    the intergalactic genius of wayne shorter is making history with his magic quartet. I can only compare its evolution with the last 10 years of the john coltrane quartet

  5. Stoffi says:

    He is right, everybody is on a mission. Eternity shall be explored…by us :-)

  6. Anon says:

    Brilliant interview, full of inspiring quotes.

    Nice Job.

  7. Frank Colon says:

    One of the most brilliant, compassionate and generous human beings in the history of this planet, who happens to perform and compose music like no one else!

  8. Superb. Thank you Mr. Shorter.

  9. mukesh says:

    i am so glad Wayne Shorter’s greatness is being aired so publicly like this. Through this we can see very interesting and important things he says, but I think like others said, he is also an ‘international treasure of culture’, an enduring great artist like all the other great artists in time, and definitely one of the masters in jazz who is still alive, as though John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington would be alive. I am so glad Wayne takes care of himself so well that he is still alive and kicking like a youth, as his music, in fact, unlike many masters who died young. How lucky we are!

  10. Thanks for being expanding the Music trough all these years Wayne !


  11. Beautiful interview Josh. Thank you so much for sharing. Wayne is my #1 musical hero and playing 3 gigs with his quartet last year gave me a glimpse into “eternity”. Nice train to get on. Peace GK

  12. David Barrett says:

    A musician and native of Newark, I must say I did not know that Mr. shorter was a native of Newark. I graduated from Central High School in 1961 and took a few are classes at Arts High in the summer of 1957. I found my real talent was in mathematics which I majored in at Rutgers.

    A percussionist, I am now one of four adult musician-mentors in a youth ensemble called the Ellington-Adderley African American Community Jazz Ensemble, an education program of my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc., Howard County, MD chapter.

    I have known of Mr. Shorter and have admired him as a musician since his days with Art Blakey who I saw for the first and only time at the Apollo in the summer of 1962. I did not know enough about jazz bands’ composition at the time so I do not know the names of any of the Messengers at that time; and therefore, do not know if Mr. Shorter was in the band at that time. However, I was fortunate enough to see him four decades later at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC.

    Regarding the interview, I was excited to hear that he is a reader as I am myself and to hear some of his philosophical thinking and how his reading informs his musicianship. It is one thing to know the music, but for me, my understanding and appreciation of the man behind the music is enhanced when I can learn what inspires the man.

    If there is a biography of Mr. Shorter, I will read it. if not I implore him to write it or collaborate with another Newark native son, Amiri Baraka.

    David Barrett
    Ellicott City, MD

  13. Skip Norris says:

    Josh Jackson – All I can say is wow…..
    Master Shorter has been my man for my entire jazz listening life….
    I’m so glad that you allowed this to be shared with us….
    Peace and Blessings on the Express Train……

  14. Robert Ganio says:

    A very uplifting interview . Thank you Josh and thank you Wayne!!!! Excidetly attended the PERFOMANCE at Town Hall, but after listening to the interview every thing just seems to “come toghether”. Love you, Wayne, please take GOOD care. Sincerily Rob Ganio, a devoted fan.

  15. charles,mt.vernon says:

    There aren’t many conversations that can make you cry because of their sheer beauty and humanity. This talk with Brother Wayne is one of those that can. Thanks for posting it!

  16. calvin roberts says:



    WAYNE may the FORCE be with YOU



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