Cassandra Wilson Revisits “Blue Light Til Dawn”

April 23, 2014 by Josh Jackson  
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Cassandra Wilson Revisits “Blue Light Til Dawn”Singer Cassandra Wilson talks with Simon Rentner about Blue Light ‘Til Dawn, her breakthrough 1993 album which featured renditions of songs by Robert Johnson, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell, as well as her own songs.


2 Responses to “Cassandra Wilson Revisits “Blue Light Til Dawn””
  1. Gianni Veroli says:

    Rivisitazione molto interessante! Ma preferisco la prima versione che ritengo straordinaria e insuperabile!!!

  2. Mark Satlof says:

    Great interview. I never heard that story about only buying Tupelo honey! – Mark Satlof (Shore Fire Media)

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