WBGO's Signal Improvement Project

Hundreds of thousands of people listen to WBGO on the radio each week and another hundred thousand plus visit us online each month. Some of our listeners have complained about poor reception all or some of the time as they tune in at home, at work or in the car. In addition, there are one million potential listeners in the metro New York and New Jersey area who are unable to receive WBGO consistently or at all due to the presence of physical barriers such as skyscrapers.

To reach those folks, and improve service for all of our devoted listeners, WBGO is building a new transmitter at twice the height of the current one.

This initiative, already approved by the FCC, will allow WBGO to extend its award-winning, renowned programming in the jazz capital of the world.

Through support from Prudential Foundation, Hyde & Watson Foundation, US Department of Commerce’s Public Telecommunications Facilities Program, the WBGO Board of Trustees and leadership donors, we are half way to our project goal of $3 Million.

WHO will get better reception?

That depends on a lot of things. We cannot guarantee what radio waves will do. However, our engineers feel that a large number of our listeners will see a significant improvement in their reception. It will be stronger and clearer over all once the new transmitter begins broadcasting.

coverage map

WHAT happens to the current transmitter?

The current transmission center at 744 Broad Street in Newark, NJ will be retained as a backup facility. WBGO’s studios and production facilities have always been and will remain in Newark.

WHEN will the new transmitter be up and broadcasting?

Hopefully, we will be able to “flip the switch” before the end of this year!

signal reach

WHERE will the new transmitter be?

Very high in the air! The proposed transmitter at 4 Times Square will be twice the height of the current transmitter in Newark. The spire on top of the building (where our antenna will be mounted) makes 4 Times Square the 3rd tallest structure in New York City. The physical height solves an ongoing problem of signal interference.

WHY do this now?

The transmitter project is part of WBGO’s mission to expand the jazz audience.

An improved WBGO signal means increased:

  • Listenership
  • Reception within the current coverage area
  • Membership & support
  • Community participation

Taking WBGO to New Heights – How high is high?

WBGO Music Director and Morning Jazz host Gary Walker and Chief Engineer David Antoine check out the place from where our new transmitter will broadcast.