Yoga Pioneer Hosting A Lecture In Newark

Dec 8, 2017

Debby Kaminsky says Newark Yoga Movement has taught over 30,000 students in nine years.

The Newark Yoga Movement has been trying it’s best to reduce stress around the city for a number of years. 

“And in regard to the schools which is our primary focus, it was really to try to help children perform a little bit better academically and feel better personally," said Debby Kaminsky, founder of the Newark Yoga Movement.  Her classes are regularly visiting students and teachers in city classrooms ranging from K-12.

“Yoga can bring people together.  Every kind of person together.  It doesn’t matter your race, religion, body size, if you possibly have a behavioral issue or a disability.  It doesn’t matter if you’re blind or deaf.  You can still practice Yoga and you’ll feel exactly like everybody else is the space.  That’s what’s so cool.”

Kaminsky says Newark Yoga Movement has taught over 30,000 students in nine years and hopes to grow that number moving forward.  But the work is hard for Kaminsky and her dedicated staff of instructors. 

“I’d love to see more people involved in Newark.  Whether they’re teaching community classes or coming to the schools, more businesses involved.  More people knowing about us.  It’s very interesting.  We’ve been here for a long time and the word’s not out.”

Kaminsky is getting help from Gurmukh, a prenatal yoga pioneer.  She’s also the foremost teacher of Kundalini Yoga, which she’s lecturing in Newark. 

Gurmukh is a prenatal yoga pioneer. She’s also the foremost teacher of Kundalini Yoga.

“Gurmukh is all about children.  She travels the world and visits orphanages.  To me she’s like a Mother Teresa.  She’s incredibly inspiring and the type of yoga is for anybody.  Even if you’ve never tried yoga.”

Kaminsky hopes the Newark community embraces yoga like so many kids in city schools.

“Everybody should consider trying something once.  I encourage everybody to come to Gurmukh, or any of the community classes that we offer for free in Newark.  Or any of the other yoga classes that are happening in Newark.  Just try it and see what you think.  You never know until you try it.”

Newark Yoga Movement is hosting its fundraiser with Yoga pioneer Gurmukh at West Side High School on Thursday December 14.  For ticket information click here.