Warm Weather Causing Allergy Woes

Sep 27, 2017

Credit Dr. Leonard Bielory

Many are enjoying this spate of summer-like weather, but it's been tough on allergy sufferers. 

Dr. Leonard Bielory is an allergy specialist who tracks the pollen count in New Jersey. He says a combination of environmental conditions is causing problems for people with allergies.

"I call it the witches' brew. The high humidity, high temperature, with several different pollens, ragweed, grass, and mugwort which is flourishing right now."

Bielory says medication can provide some relief.

“If you really have some nasal system congestion, antihistamines are great but the nasal steroids are even better. Some people just don’t like the nose sprays, but if you use it properly it’s a great treatment to take away the inflammation. And that’s what allergies do, they cause an inflammatory reaction on the surface of the eyes and nose.”

Bielory says the arrival of cooler weather should help reduce the amount of irritating pollen.

"It will definitely take down by about 20 to 30 percent of the irritation that one sees when we add the humidity and temperature factor into the exposure to pollen. And then as soon as we hit the frost we'll get rid of all the weeds."

Bielory says grass pollen should subside by the end of next week.