Steal a Moment with Thiefs, A Jazz Ensemble That Grafts Itself to Hip-Hop, on The Checkout

Mar 27, 2018

What should jazz sound like in 2018? Keith Witty has some ideas. He's the bassist and co-leader of Thiefs, a band that blends hip-hop, electronic music and politically pointed spoken word.

On this Checkout podcast, we dig into the new Thiefs album. Its title, Graft, is a botanical term that can be applied to Witty’s approach to music. What happens if you insert a jazz riff into an electronic beat and hip-hop utterance? The band makes this melding sound and feel admirably organic.

Witty and his co-leader, saxophonist Christophe Panzani, recruited fine musicians for their project, which prominently features Aaron Parks on the piano, David Frazier Jr. on drums and rappers Mike Ladd and Gaël Faye.

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Assistant Producer: Anthony Nieves