Radar: Carmen Lundy

Feb 10, 2017


Carmen Lundy never disappoints.  She's a vocalist who seems to have a full understanding of her vocal range and ability and knows how to use it.  Whether on her own albums or as a guest on her brother Curtis Lundy's, Carmen makes every song a personal story that you can relate to. Code Noir talks about love, family, life, and the current affairs of the world, topics we all find ourselves having in our day to day.  

Carmen, never one to shy away from singing her mind, does so on "Live Out Loud",  a subtle song about doing just. "Black and Blues" is about events that touch the communities we all live in. We've all heard of love at first sight, but Carmen talks about  what happens afterwards on "Second Sight," and sings about family and humanity on "Kumbaya."

Carmen adds some instrumental magic to this album by playing keys and guitar, accompanied by Patrice Rushen on piano, Ben Williams on bass, Kendrick Scott on drums and Jeff Parker on guitar.  Having written or co-written all the songs, Carmen has left her fingerprint on this album as only she could.  Whether a fast paced samba or slow ballad, she makes you sit up, pay attention, and follow along. She calls this record a "personal musical voyage," and with every note, we are invited to join in on her journey.