In Preemptory Move NJ Town Bans Marijuana Stores

Dec 27, 2017

New Jersey lawmakers are expected to consider legislation in the new year to legalize recreational marijuana in the Garden State.

One shore town doesn't want marijuana sales within its borders.

The Point Pleasant Beach council has passed an ordinance that bans marijuana dispensaries.

Mayor Stephen Reid says they would not be a good fit for his community.

"It's a tourism town. We have children here on the rides on the boardwalk. We have a great downtown. We have a great school system. And in our minds a marijuana dispensary that's not supporting a family-friendly town."

Scott Rudder of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association says the ban is short sighted and doubts it will jeopardize the potential for a recreational marijuana industry in the state.

"There's going to be plenty of opportunities for other towns to take advantage of the property tax breaks, the employment opportunities. So no, we're not concerned about one singular town."

Rudder believes marijuana stores wouldn't pose any problems.

"We have operational medical cannabis dispensaries across the state of New Jersey. They have just like every other storefront. They're part of the community. They're involved."

It could take more than a year before legal marijuana is available for sale.