Nor'easter Could Cause Some Flooding

Mar 1, 2018

Get ready for a variety of potential weather woes from a storm arriving soon.

New Jersey state climatologist Dave Robinson says the nor’easter could dump one to three inches of rain and cause problems in flood-prone areas.

“We just had the third wettest February on record, records going back to 1895. So, the ground is saturated. The rivers are running high. There’s just not a lot of room to put water into those rivers before they would leave their channels and flow into the flood plains surrounding them.”   

There’s also concern about coastal flooding, especially during high tides.

Robinson says the winds could also be troublesome.

“Winds could easily gust over 40 miles an hour and with the ground so soft and saturated that could bring down some trees and with it some wires and resulting power outages.”

Robinson says there could be some beach erosion and coastal flooding, especially during high tides.

There’s also the possibility of some snow.

“Different models are showing cooling at different rates and intensities, but it is possible that at least the higher elevations in North Jersey there could a plowable snow by the end of this event. Whether that gets down into the lower elevations is problematic at this point.”