NJ Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Murphy's Budget Plan

Mar 28, 2018

Assembly Budget Committee holds hearing on Murphy's plan.

Hearings on Governor Phil Murphy's state budget plan are underway.

Even some of his fellow Democrats have reservations about the $1.6 billion in tax increases he's recommending.

Assembly Budget Committee chairwoman Eliana Pintor-Marin says lawmakers will examine the potential impact of the tax increases.

"They all are concerning. We're going to take a careful look at exactly what those are and how much money they do produce and what type of families we're raising those taxes on."

Republican Assemblyman John DiMaio says lawmakers should be looking for ways to streamline government rather than raising taxes.

“Even three-eights of a percent on the sales tax affects the poorest and the middle class among us. And we really need to be looking not to make it more expensive but to make New Jersey more competitive in the marketplace with other states so businesses want to locate here.”

And Some lawmakers call the budget's proposed school funding unacceptable.

Senator Vin Gopal says the budget does not provide nearly enough funding for some school districts with increasing student enrollments.

"The school funding recommendations set forth in 2018-2019 for the New Jersey state budget by the administration cannot and should not be the final word."

Assemblyman John Burzichelli believes lawmakers and the governor will work out their differences and have a budget enacted by the constitutionally required June 30th deadline.

“The budget document is a document of estimates so it’s always full of negotiations, and I think we can get the work done. And I think the mood between the legislative branch and the governor’s office is one that this budget should be delivered on time.”