New Jersey's Gas Tax Going Up Again

Aug 30, 2018

New Jersey’s gas tax will be going up October 1st.

The state Treasury Department says lower fuel consumption over the last two years necessitates raising the gas tax 4.3 cents a gallon. That's to comply with the 2016 law that requires a steady stream of revenue to support New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund program.

Senator Mike Doherty voted against the 23-cents gas tax hike two years ago, and he’s not surprised the tax is going up again.

“This was a ticking time bomb that was written into the legislation. And I think we’re going to have annual increases in the gas tax because as cars become more efficient and as gas prices continue to go up people are going to buy less gas.”

Senator Kip Bateman worries the additional tax burden will cause more people to move out of the state.

“We’re just taxing people out of New Jersey and another 4 cents it’s outrageous. We should be looking at ways to try to cut money and look at other areas for revenue, but we just keep going back to the taxpayers.”

Bateman says considering all the recent New Jersey Transit train cancellations and delays, a higher gas tax will just make it more expensive for people to drive to work.