Nearly 5,000 Guns Siezed During NJ Buyback Initiative

Aug 2, 2017

4,775 guns were collected during a recent buyback program in Newark, Trenton, and Camden.
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

New Jersey Attorney General Chris Porrino says almost 4,775 deadly firearms were taken off the streets in a recent two-day gun buyback.  The state’s biggest haul yet.

“1,973 handguns, roughly 1,000 shotguns, roughly a thousand rifles, and 129 assault weapons,” Porrino said

Nearly 900 of those guns were collected from the location in Newark.

A total of $481,620 in firearms
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

“Whether guns came from Newark to me is immaterial because most of the guns we have in Newark didn’t come from Newark anyway.  Most of the guns come from somewhere else," said city Mayor Ras Baraka.  "When people bring guns in to turn them in to the authorities it means that there’s a greater probability on our streets in the hands of somebody who should not have them.”

Acting New Jersey US Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick says every gun taken off the street could result in one less crime committed, one less accidental death

“Guns that will not be stolen.  Guns that will not be used in a criminal offense.  Guns where there won’t be a child who is accidentally shot and killed.”

New Jersey Attorney General Chris Porrino says it’s part of a larger initiative to show criminals there’s a price for using firearms.

“We are going to pay for advertisement in our inner cities, put up on billboards what those sentences look like so that people hopefully will think twice before taking a gun out and using it on our streets.”

More handguns were seized than any other type of weapon.
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

The guns were paid for with dollars seized by law enforcement from street gangs, drug dealers, and other offenders.  $481,620 worth of firearms were collected by law enforcement with no questions asked.