Murphy Picks New Boss For NJ Transit

Jan 30, 2018

Kevin Corbett says he's looking forward to rebuilding NJ Transit.

Governor Phil Murphy blames New Jersey Transit's management for the agency's problems. He's nominating a new executive director to help make it a system that commuters can rely on.

Murphy says undoing years of bad management and delayed capital investments will take some time.

"There are years of overlooked issues to account for. But with the right leadership, and we think we've got just that, we can yank this system back from the brink."

Murphy's choice to run New Jersey Transit is Kevin Corbett, who has been an executive at a global engineering and construction company.

Corbett says he won't accept the status quo.

"A safe, convenient, on time service backed with modern technology and communications is critical for fueling future sustainable growth which New Jersey commuters deserve."

Corbett says building a motivated and accountable team of professionals is vital in starting to fix New Jersey Transit's problems.

New Jersey Acting Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti has some suggestions for the governor to make New Jersey Transit better.

“To make some immediate corrections to daily service and to try to help do some immediate remediation on the train sizes and the capacity so that folks aren’t waiting on platforms as long or perhaps having to be in crowded cars.”