Murphy Nominates Gurbir Grewal To Be NJ Attorney General

Dec 12, 2017

Phil Murphy says Gurbir Grewal will stand up for NJ rights and values.

New Jersey could become the first state in the nation to have a Sikh-American as its Attorney General.

Governor-elect Phil Murphy is nominating Bergen County Prosecutor and former Assistant U-S Attorney Gurbir Grewal to be New Jersey’s top law enforcement official.

Murphy believes Grewal will protect immigrant communities from discrimination, stand up for the LGBT community, protect air and water from a hostile EPA, and defend New Jersey’s gun laws.

“Our state needs someone with a steel backbone who will not be afraid to stand up to President Trump and the Republican leadership in Congress to protect the rights and values and values of our state and all nine million of our residents.” 

Grewal says says he decided to pursue public service to give back to a country that has given him and other immigrant families so much.    

“I wanted to perhaps also show people that while I and others like me may look different or worship differently that we too are committed to this country.  As someone who has experienced hate and intolerance first hand throughout my life, I wanted to work to ensure that we all live in a fair and just society.”

Amol Sinha, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, says Grewal is a strong prosecutor who exemplifies the state’s diversity.

“We have now one of the most important positions in the state being held by a person who is Sikh-American and South Asian-American. It’s symbolic to our communities as South Asians but also symbolic to the entire country as a moment to recognize the diversity of our nation.”

New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan says Grewal is eminently qualified to be Attorney General and believes he’ll be a tremendous partner in protecting New Jersey’s neighborhoods and keeping the streets safe.