Menendez: Trump Administration Gets Big Fat D On Puerto Rico

Oct 4, 2017

Menedez Addresses Reporters Outside Federal Courthouse In Downtown Newark After Wrapping Up Week Three Of Corruption Trial
Credit Alexandra Hill / News

New Jersey’s Senior Senator Bob Menendez is heading back to Washington D. C. after wrapping up the third week of his corruption trial. Menendez spoke briefly to reporters outside the federal courthouse in downtown Newark today, and says the crisis in Puerto Rico is one of his top priorities. Menendez says  if he had to give the Trump administration a grade on their response to the island Menendez says, they would get a big fat D.

“As you saw the death toll rose, and I predicted that it would rise, because there are parts of Puerto Rico that are still inaccessible, so we don’t know what’s happening, and I pray to god that it doesn’t rise, but we saw it rise, so the comments that the President has made that everything is great and that everything is working well, that is not the reality.”

Menendez says he will be speaking on the senate floor upon his return to the nation’s capital to address the crisis in Puerto Rico, and says despite the ongoing trial his work in Washington continues.