March Was Colder Than February

Mar 29, 2018

New Jersey Farm Bureau president Ryke Suydam

For second consecutive year March was colder than February in the region.

It's only the fourth time that’s happened since 1895.  

The movements of the jet stream are responsible for the switch in the usual weather pattern.

New Jersey state climatologist Dave Robinson says the March chill has kept trees and plants from blooming and that may be welcome news for people with allergies.

"But I've seen it in the past where things are delayed until the end of the second week of April and then everything bursts out at once."

New Jersey Farm Bureau president Ryke Suydam says it's too soon for farmers to plant because the soil is still too cold.

"The backyard gardener should consider the same thing. You might get burned by a frost. You're not going to gain anything by trying to plant so early."  

All the snow and rain in recent weeks filled reservoirs and eased concerns about a potential drought.