Governor Murphy Declares State Of Emergency In Advance Of Storm

Mar 6, 2018

Governor Murphy declares state of emergency.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency because of an approaching storm that could bring heavy, wet snow and the potential for damaging winds.

Murphy says the Department of Transportation has 2500 pieces of snow fighting equipment at its disposal to make major highways passable.

“Whether it’s plows spreaders and loaders which can be deployed across the state. The Department has about 207,000 tons of salt available which is 78 percent of its capacity and it’s also at 82 percent of its capacity for liquid calcium.”

The Governor says you should avoid going out on the roads if the storm is troublesome.

“We ask you to stay home so that road crews, whether they be state county or local, can attend to their duties. Our goal is to have our major highways passable for emergency vehicles first and foremost

Murphy says the storm could cause more power outages.

“Please exercise extreme caution and be careful in particular of any trees or power lines that may have been weakened by last weekend’s nor’easter and which may not need much of an additional push from mother nature to come down.”