Cuomo Delivers 2018 Agenda, Attacks Fed Tax Package

Jan 3, 2018

Governor Cuomo is calling the republican tax bill the 'federal assault.'

Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out a long list of plans including legislation to remove firearms from domestic abusers, ways to eradicate gang violence, and a package to reform the state’s criminal justice system.

“The truth is, our lady justice is still not colorblind and her scales are still not balanced," Cuomo said during the 2018 State of the State address.  "Our bail system is biased against the poor.  Our jail systems are cruel and inhumane.  Our courts system is too slow.”

The democrat proposes a statewide code to promote workplace equality and prevent sexual misconduct.

“Enlightened government must seize the moment to attack these social diseases that are long institutionalized and culturalized to end them once and for all.  Women and minorities still face abuse and prejudice.  We must acknowledge it, stamp it out, and we must stamp it out here and now.”

Cuomo is taking aim at the recently passed federal tax code overhaul.  He’s calling the republican led bill the ‘federal assault’ and is planning a repeal and replace effort.

“We believe it is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional,” Cuomo said.  “Launching a ‘Tax Fairness for All’ campaign, we begin today and we will not stop until economic justice is restored for every state and every tax payer in the state of New York.”

Cuomo says he’s working with legislative partners to restructure the state’s tax code to offset what he calls a burden placed on New York taxpayers.  He says he’ll have more information available during the budget presentation.

Some speculate Cuomo will seek the presidency in 2020, but the democratic governor says he’s solely focused on the needs of New Yorkers.