A Cold End To A Warm Year In New Jersey

Dec 28, 2017

It's cold now, but New Jersey state climatologist Dave Robinson says this has been the 6th warmest year on record in the Garden State.

“We had a warmer February than March, which was really quite remarkable. February was record warm and March was a bit below average. April was the warmest on record. September was the 10th warmest on record and October was the 2nd warmest on record. And those records go back to 1895."

Robinson explains why it was so warm.

"We had a propensity of what we call ridging here in the Eastern United States where the Jetstream would ride farther to the North than average, keeping the cold air at bay to the North and allowing warm air up from the South."

Robinson says indications are the current below normal temperatures could continue for another week or two.