Allergy Sufferers Beware. Tree Pollen Will Intensify.

Apr 3, 2018

Dr. Leonard Bielory

Trees are blossoming later than usual this season, and that's given allergy sufferers a break. That respite is about to end.

Dr. Leonard Bielory is an allergy specialist who tracks the pollen count in New Jersey. He says colder than normal weather in March has delayed the release of tree pollen, but it will soon be intense.

"The amount of pollen over the season will be the same. So if it's going to be the same and you only have 30 days instead of 55 days of pollination, you're going to have 30 days with more pollen each day. And that's what we can expect starting at the end of this week." 

The pollen could be troublesome for people with allergies.

"Symptoms will start to affect primarily the eyes, itching, redness, where they can't get the redness out. The nose will start to tickle at the same time. But then we'll get into severe sneezing, runny nose, congestion. Nasal congestion is one of the top symptoms that people complaint about."

Bielory says starting medications now might help avoid serious symptoms.

He expects tree pollen will be at high levels for about a month. Then it's time for grass pollen.

If your pet goes outside, he says you should check it for pollen before letting it back inside.

“People who are not allergic to dogs, but are allergic to trees and grasses will find themselves sneezing when their dog comes in because the pollen is electrostatically attaching itself to the fur of the animals and they do bring it into the home.”