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WBGO's Playdate: Dewey Redman From The Vault

Dewey Redman Playdate

This is bonus audio for Playdate Show #4. To stream the entire episode and explore more web extras, click here.

Playdate #4 features an excerpt of a special duet between pianist Geri Allen and tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman. To hear the entire improvised blues from the concert at Town Hall on April 5, 1991, click LISTEN NOW above.

Drummer and Playdate host Matt Wilson played with Dewey Redman from 1994 until the saxophonist passed away in 2006.

"He was a master musician and an incredible human being," recalls Matt. 

Matt remembers turning to Dewey after a gig in Europe and saying, "This concert was so great!"

"Thank you Matthew,"replied Dewey, "people sound their best when they play with me." 

"That's true, because he allowed you to sound great," says Matt.

"His attention and intention, especially on open blowing tunes with indeterminate trading. He would play. I would play. He knew when to come in and he knew when you were done. It was always right."

To hear exactly what Matt is talking about, here's an excerpt from WBGO's live broadcast of The Dewey Redman Quartet from New York's Iridium on May 23, 1996..

It's "Daystar Nightlight" with Dewey Redman, tenor sax; Charles Eubanks, piano; Cameron Brown. bass; and Matt Wilson, drums. Enjoy!

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