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WBGO's Playdate: Christian McBride on Ray Brown

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Show #6 concludes with an excerpt from a duet performance by bassists Christian McBride, born in 1972, and Ray Brown (1926-2002), at the 1994 Monterey Jazz Festival.

Click "LISTEN NOW" to stream the full duet performance featuring "Things Ain't What It Used To Be" and "Bye Bye Blackbird."

McBride came into WBGO's studios to listen to this historic recording. He smiled the entire time. 

Playdate producer Alexander Ariff was on hand to capture McBride's reactions to hearing this now 20-year-old recording, and his fond memories of working with Ray Brown.

To stream the entire interview, click the link below.

If you'd rather hear it in segments, stream the individual sections. Enjoy!

Pat 1: Christian McBride meets Ray Brown in 1991.

Part 2: It's fall of 1994, and McBride is recording his debut album, Gettin' To It on Verve, touring the world with Joshua Redman, and "checking in" with his jazz-elders.

Part 3: McBride takes us back to playing beside Brown at the 1994 Monterey Jazz Festival.

Part 4: The musicality of Ray Brown. Funky ragged.

Part 5: Looking back into the history of The Superbass Group, self-evaluation, and honoring the elders.

McBride and Brown at 37th Monterey Jazz Festival (c) Ron Hudson, thanks to the Monterey Jazz Festival. Ron Hudson/Jazz Images, Rick Carroll, publisher.

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