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Anita Wardell
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There’s nothing quite like attending a jazz house party on a freezing February day. On Sunday, February 23, I went to an apartment in Brooklyn to hear British vocalist Anita Wardell. With her in the living room: Jed Levy on tenor sax, Art Hirahara on keyboards and Ratso Harris on bass.

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    And what a warm day it was for those of us who were lucky enough to be in the room! Perez’s jazz house party is a great opportunity to get close to the music and the artists and the other attendees. The artists at this particular event, Anita Wardell, Jed Levy. Art Hirahara and Ratzo Harris, are masters of their art and their craft. It is such a pleasure to hear and see and experience the music as the musicians, “learn” each other as the performance develops. Perez puts out a great spread before the music begins and the audience gets to hang with the performers after. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday.

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    Chris Doran:

    You clearly have excellent musical taste! Anita’s talent is unique and is matched by her beautiful personality. I may be a little biased – I’m her Aunt in Florida!

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