Weather Affecting Shore Tourism

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Seaside Park. July 2, 2013

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Governor Christie on the podium
Governor Christie discusses tourism and Sandy recovery at Seaside Park news conference (photo by Phil Gregory)

Tourism revenue is down in some Jersey Shore towns, but Governor Chris Christie is hoping the holiday weekend will help attract more visitors.

Christie says all the publicity about the damage from Sandy and the wettest June on record are influencing whether people go to the shore.

“Even if the weather was perfect and the advertising campaign worked to 100 percent effectiveness, I think that this summer we’d still see some decline in tourism. The question is going to be once we get to Labor Day what was the summer’s decline and how will we then deal with it for the summer of 14.”

The governor says his appearances in the “Stonger than the Storm’ tourism ads do not mean he’s forgotten the people still trying to recover from Sandy.

 “The more we promote business and get people down here, the greater the revenues will be to the municipalities, the greater opportunity we’ll have to leverage the federal funds that are available to us to be able to rebuild these homes and get people back.”

The governor says it will take time to repair and rebuild the 365,000 homes that were damaged or destroyed by Sandy.

“You are not going to rebuild that number of homes or anywhere close to it  in six or seven months. This is going to be another year to year and a half project to get everybody back in their homes in the way that they want them to be.”

Christie is hoping better weather will bring more visitors to the shore, and he’s encouraging people to go there during the holiday weekend to see the progress that’s been made.


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