Two Water Main Breaks In Hoboken Leave Some Residents Under Water, Again

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
March 28, 2013

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Broken Water main On 8th And Willow

Two water main breaks today in Hoboken have left residents and businesses under water yet again.

“We’re In Hoboken, it floods all the time.”

John Coo, is a plumber from Bergen County. He is pumping out basements and replacing water heaters in homes near the water main break on 8th and Willow that have flooded once again. Many Hoboken residents say water main breaks are regular occurrences. Joseph Scheren has lived there for over 60 years; he says they had to repair a leaky water main on his street just two weeks ago.

“It’s a major problem but they’re not addressing it the city is not addressing it.”

Ed Rogovitch is the owner of Rogo’s Bar he says he was just beginning to recover from the damage done by Sandy, and now this.

“We were closed for a while, and nobody has flood insurance around here so you know I took that one on the chin, and then now you know tryna get back and going again, and this just really doesn’t help.”


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