Tropical Storm Arthur Could Affect New Jersey

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Jersey Shore. July 2, 2014

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Beachgoers relax in Belmar in advance of the storm
Beachgoers relax in Belmar in advance of the storm (photo by Phil Gregory)

As Tropical Storm Arthur moves north from Florida it could bring heavy rain and winds to the Jersey Shore.

Even though the storm is expected to be well off the coast, Belmar lifeguard supervisor Ray Elms says rip currents could pose a threat for swimmers throughout the weekend.

“They form like a little channel on the ocean bottom, and the waves gravitate to it, and it kind pulls the swimmers back out to sea. The best way to stay out of that is to pay attention to lifeguard warnings and stay out of that area, or if your find yourself caught in one swim parallel to the shore, don’t try to fight it.”

Asbury Park Mayor Myra Campbell says shore merchants still trying to recover from Sandy don’t want to see another storm.

“Any weekend that the shore is closed down, our beaches, our expansive beaches, is not a good day. They have a limited season, tourist season, so any day that they can make money it helps them and the city.”

If rains don’t allow a planned fireworks display and outdoor concert on the holiday, Campbell says they’ll be held later in the weekend when the weather improves.

“If for some reason there’s some things that do have to close down, then we will just carry it over to the weekend, and Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be fantastic days.”


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