Travel Scheme Indictments

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. April 23, 2013

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Attorney General Jeff Chiesa and Criminal Justice Division officials annnounce the indictments (photo by Phil Gregory)

A Burlington County man and his wife are accused of ripping off hundreds of consumers through a scheme involving travel companies they ran.

Daryl Turner and Robyn Bernstein have been indicted on charges of theft by deception, conspiracy and money laundering.

Attorney General Jeff Chiesa says the couple pitched phony vacation packages and collected fees for airfares and cruises that were never delivered.

 “Like a pair of old school con artists, Turner and Bernstein allegedly operated eight different travel companies in a little over four years, closing one company down and opening another in a new location whenever they felt the heat because consumers learned about their fraud.”

Chiesa says the couple used more than $700,000 of their customers’ money to buy a luxury home in Marlton.

Authorities have put a lien on the home and seized the defendant’s Ferrari, Bentley, and Range Rover along with their bank accounts. 

Chiesa says that could be used to pay for some of the victims’ losses.

Detective Richard Loufik with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice says consumers need to check on travel companies that send them offers or risk losing a lot of money.

“Social media is one of the best tools out there now. You have a few people that are scammed and right away they’re putting blogs out there. That kind of gets the word out to help people beware more than anything.”


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