Three Arrested In Newark for Videotaped Beating

By Monica Miller, WBGO News
Newark. February 13, 2013

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Newark Police and Fire Communications Center

Three Newark residents are under arrest after a video surfaced that showed a naked young man being whipped because of his father's debt.

 The viral video shows a 21-year old man forced to strip and then whipped with a belt in Newark’s Central Ward. 22-year-old Ahmad Holt, 31-year-old Raheem Clark and 23-year-old Jamaar Gray are now in police custody. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio says Holt administered the beating, using a belt provided by Clark. Gray was the cameraman.

“They’ve all been charged with robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon of an unlawful purpose and conspiracy to commit robbery.”

A visibly angry Mayor Cory Booker says it’s believed that other watched the beating but did nothing.

“This crime in August was not reported. No one called 911. In the face of evil, those who remain quiet are participants in that evil.”

 Police say the victim suffered welts and abrasions during  attack but didn't require hospitalization. He was reluctant to go to the police out of fear of retribution and has since moved out of the neighborhood.


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