Third District Congressional Candidates Debate

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
October 11, 2012

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Jon Runyon and Shelley Adler with moderator Larry Kane

The candidates for Congress in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District squared off in a debate.

Tax policy is one of the major areas of disagreement for incumbent Republican Congressman Jon Runyon and Democratic challenger Shelley Adler.

Adler opposes extending tax breaks for millionaires.

 “We need to make sure we have middle class tax breaks and not adding additional ones for those at the top end the way that Mr. Runyon wants to do.”

Runyon opposes the idea of imposing a tax surcharge on millionaires to help reduce the deficit.

 “If you want to increase revenue in this country get people back to work. Get them paychecks. Get them back into the system. You’d be surprised on how fast it would turn around.”

The candidates also discussed foreign policy.

Runyon says the U.S. needs a strong defense to leverage any sanctions on Iran.

 “Half of what we cut in this last two years has been defense and we’re sitting here with this sequester that is looming over us that’s going to happen at the first of the year that would double down on those cuts.”

Adler responded to Runyon’s concerns.

 “He voted for sequestration so if he’s complaining about defense cuts he’s part of the problem.”

Both candidates say the redistricting that took Cherry Hill out of the Congressional District and added Brick Township to it should not make a big difference in the outcome of the race.

The full debate can be heard Sunday night on Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason program on the Comcast Network.


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