The Decision To Expand Medicaid Could Mean Big Savings For New Jersey's Economy

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 27, 2013

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Gov Christie’s decision to expand Medicaid could mean big savings for New Jersey’s economy.

The decision to accept federal aid under the Affordable Care Act means healthcare for the hundreds of thousands of uninsured across the state. It will also save New Jersey taxpayers hundreds of millions each year. Gordon MacInnes, President of New Jersey Policy Perspective, calls the decision a win-win for the state.

“It will lead to people being employed, it will lead to new health care organizations and facilities being set up, it will have therefore a very positive effect on the economy and thirdly it will save money for the taxpayers of New Jersey.”

MacInnes says New Jersey taxpayers shell out close to $700 million a year for uninsured hospital bills and says that number will be significantly reduced in the first year alone.  


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