Summit Schools Eliminates Last Minute Parent Visits

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
July 24, 2013

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Summit School District has announced a new policy restricting parents from making unannounced visits to their kid’s school.

Beginning in September if kids forget their homework or their lunch parents can’t come to their rescue. The new policy eliminates last minute visits. Parents will now have to give the school a one day notice to pick up their child for the doctor or any other reason and will have to have appointments to meet with teachers and school administrators. Dr. Nathan Parker is the Superintendant of Summit Schools. He says the policy is a safety measure that he hopes will also engrain responsibility into the students.

“My hope is that teachers will help join in a partnership with the school to make this happen and that jointly set some clear expectations for our students and for our children in such a way that we can strengthen the relationship between the parents and the school.”

Dr. Parker says the new policy will help cut down on the hundreds of visitors coming in and out of the buildings on a daily basis.


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