Some People Buying Christmas Trees On Christmas Eve

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Monmouth County. December 24, 2012

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Christmas tree shoppers at roadside stand in Sea Girt (photo by Phil Gregory)

Last-minute shoppers are out in force this Christmas Eve, including some who have waited to get their Christmas tree.

Several people checking out the trees at a roadside stand in Sea Girt say they didn’t get a chance to shop earlier because they were busy dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Manasquan resident Gail DeVeney was buying a tree for her boyfriend.

“He lost his home in the storm. So he was displaced and it took him a little while to find a new place to live, and we’ve both been working so much lately we haven’t had time. So here I am on Christmas Eve getting him a tree. Merry Christmas baby!”

One woman from Sea Girt says she already had a tree, but came out to buy another because her kids wanted it for the room where they watch TV.


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