Sandy More Destructive Than 9/11 For NJ Commute

By Katie Colaneri, WBGO News
November 14, 2012

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Transit officials say it’ll be several more weeks before all passengers in New Jersey are back to their normal commutes. The last time the state’s rail systems took such a large hit was after September 11th.

Many commuters say they’re being reminded of the post-9/11 days. PATH train service was suspended for months, leaving thousands of commuters to find alternate routes to lower Manhattan.

Martin Robins is Director Emeritus of the Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers. He says the disruption after Hurricane Sandy is bigger and more complicated.

“People are not able to get into midtown Manhattan with the capacity that they had before and the Port Authority Bus Terminal is already at capacity even before this event so what you have is a system that really has no flexibility in responding.”

Robins says Sandy has exposed the inherent weakness of New Jersey’s transit systems: bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the low-lying areas around the Hudson River.


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