Sandy Debris Hauling Overcharges

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 10, 2013

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An investigation by the State Comptroller has determined that nine New Jersey towns were overcharged for the removal of Sandy debris.

Comptroller Matt Boxer says three debris-monitoring firms mistakenly calculated the miles traveled for the Florida-based company AshBritt to transport debris to the Ocean County landfill.

“This is vitally important in terms of getting this right for the state because what we’re taking about here is the rebuilding of New Jersey and the rebuilding of people’s homes and their lives. Every dollar matters here. So it’s important to get this precisely correct.”

Boxer says there’s no evidence of intentional overbilling, and the vendors have agreed to credit the towns for the $300,000 in erroneous charges.

“If their account has been totally paid, they can get money back from the vendors, but in most instances we’re taking about revolving and ongoing charges and so they’ll get credit against future charges so that in effect these funds are paid back.”

Boxer is recommending protective language be added to the debris removal contracts to clarify exactly which charges are appropriate.


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