Saint Patrick's Day Parade Marches Through Newark

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
March 15, 2013

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The Newark Firefighters Pipe Band Marches In The 78th Annual Newark St. Patrick's Day Parade

The 78th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade marched through the streets of downtown Newark today.

The sounds of bagpipes and marching bands could be heard from blocks away as people from across the state gathered to watch the parade go by. Rose Merazi of Union braved to celebrate her Irish roots.

“I just think it’s a happy day I think everybody feels a little Irish you can tell I mean look it just a happy day for me, I even saw a leprechaun.”

Newark City Councilman Darin Sharif says the parade is a reminder of the city’s cultural diversity.

“With all the challenges that we face, our greatest strength lies in our diversity.”

Newark’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the oldest in New Jersey.


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