Rutgers Law School Holds Forum On Cyberbullying

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
April 24, 2013

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Some of the state’s most influential judges, lawyers, activists, and law makers came together at Rutgers Law School in Newark today  to discuss the growing issue of cyber bullying.

The forum addressed the issues of criminal and civil liability, and public policy raised in some of the recent legal cases surrounding the issue of cyber bullying, most notably the case raised by the suicide of Tyler Clemente.  Judge Glenn Berman who presided over the case says it was a difficult one to decide. He says he had to consider many factors in Dharun Ravi’s sentencing.

“You try and sentence someone based upon what they are convicted of not what you might be speculating, for example he was never charged with causing or contributing to Tyler Clemente’s death and in fashioning a sentence that’s something that you just can’t consider cause he wasn’t charged with it much less convicted of it.”

New Jersey has an anti-bullying law but it is not a felony offense. Berman calls the current statute muddled and says it needs clarity.


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