Residents Help Create Wish List For New Jersey 2040

By Spencer Raine, WBGO News
Paramus. April 24, 2013

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North Jersey residents are helping to create a wish list for their communities over the next 27 years.  It's an initiative being called Plan 2040.  Organizers are collecting ideas and suggestions by way of public planning sessions as they piece together a federally mandated regional transportation plan in the next year.

About 50 residents filed into the Bergen County Community College session Wednesday night in Paramus.  Between discussions on property taxes, jobs, obesity and walkable communities - Les Wolff of Montvale made a case for mass transit.  He says it must be expanded and redirected for a New Jersey-based workforce, "This [Bergen] county was setup and all the transit was setup to go into New York.  There’s more inter-county work, like for example, my wife lives in Montvale, works in Wayne.  That’s cross-county into Passaic.  That’s why you get the congestion on the East-West roads.”

He says seasoned commuters know they are going to get slammed in traffic – at least once every two weeks. Others want more bike paths, synchronized traffic signals, shared services and the list goes on.  Organizers of Plan 2040 say they are in listening mode and will hold more workshops before unveiling a roadmap next year.


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