Public Workers Unions Sue Christie Over Pension Cuts

By Julie Daurio, WBGO News
June 9, 2014

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A host of public workers unions are uniting to sue Governor Christie over his decision to cut pension contributions to balance the state budget.

Unions representing teachers, police officers, local government workers and others claim Christie is breaking the 2011 Pension Reform Law by slashing the state’s contribution to the pension fund for public workers.

New Jersey Education Association President Wendell Steinhauer says the reason they’re suing is straightforward.

“The lawsuit’s about making the payment that was determined by law. There’s really not a whole lot of wiggle room to talk about and there aren’t really aren’t any issues off of it. So it’s a matter of him paying the $1.6 billion instead of the $0.7 billion that he’s going to put in.”

If a judge rules against the governor, it would force Christie to come up with a plan B to balance the budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1.


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