PSE&G Proposes 10 Year $4 Billion Infrastructure Overhaul

By Alexandra Hill, WBGO News
February 20, 2013

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PSE&G has proposed a 4 billion dollar system makeover.

The plan includes a 10 year overhaul of the energy company’s electrical and gas systems. It will entail the strengthening and modernizing of their distribution system in an effort to prevent damage and power outages from any future storms like Sandy.  Dr. Priscilla Nelson is a professor of civil and environmental engineering at NJIT; she calls the plan a very good move.

“My impression is that 10 years at 4 billion dollars they should be able to do it and it should be something that sets the stage for the New Jersey side of the Hudson River to perhaps become the more reliable.”

The company says the costs will be offset by the falling price of natural gas and electricity.


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