Poll Shows Christie Out Of Step On Social Issues

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
April 17, 2013

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono claims Governor Christie’s views on social issues are out of step with New Jersey voters. A new poll shows that might not matter much on Election Day.

Nearly six out of ten of voters surveyed by the Monmouth University Polling Institute favor legalizing gay marriage while Governor Christie opposes it.

Many voters also differ with Christie’s views on abortion.

Poll director Patrick Murray says those aren’t the key issues for most voters.

 “We found in our past polling that people say this is really not on the radar screen, that they’re looking at those economic issues. That’s what is important to them then they vote for governor, that whatever Governor Christie’s own personal views are on these social issues like abortion and gay marriage it doesn’t impact his role as governor.”

Murray says 59 percent of voters surveyed say Christie deserves a second term.

“Right now Governor Christie is riding that wave. The only thing that they’re worried about is that if Senator Buono can make hay on some issues that are important to New Jerseyans which are jobs and property taxes, and certainly there is some indication in the poll that could happen.”


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