Poll Shows Christie Leads Buono 2-To-1

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Trenton. September 25, 2013

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A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Governor Chris Christie with a two-to-one lead over Democratic challenger Barbara Buono.

Poll director Maurice Carroll says 64 percent of likely New Jersey voters back Christie’s re-election bid, while 30 percent favor Buono.

“She wins among Democrats 60-to-35, but 35 percent of Democrats, more than a third of Democrats, like Christie.”

Carroll says Buono even trails in a key demographic.

 “Has there been a candidate who makes more points about women’s issues than Buono? She loses among women, 61-to-32, almost two to one.”

Carroll says the governor’s strong showing does not spill over to the state’s legislative races.

“15 percent of New Jersey voters tell Quinnipiac they’d be less likely to vote for a legislative candidate that Christie likes. 61 percent say it wouldn’t make an difference. So if he has coattails, they’re very secret.”


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