Poll Finds Strong Support For Ballot Measures

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
October 5, 2012

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A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows strong voter support for two measures that will be on next month’s election ballot in New Jersey.

Poll director David Redlawsk says 70 percent of voters surveyed support a constitutional amendment that would require judges to pay more for their pension and health care benefits just like other state employees.

“Voters are not swayed at all by the argument that judges’ pay is related to judicial independence and therefore ought to be sacrosanct. I think voters simply see this as basic fairness issue.”

Lawmakers voted to put the issue on the ballot after the state Supreme Court ruled benefit reforms approved by the legislature amounted to an unconstitutional reduction in judges’ salaries.

Voters will also be asked to approve a $750 million bond issue to fund construction of new buildings and technology upgrades at New Jersey public colleges and universities. Redlawsk says that has the support of 62 percent of those surveyed.

“We asked about this measure a month ago at the end of August and found at that time 56 percent support. So support has actually gone up over the last 30 days. Our sense of it is simply that there hasn¹t been any strong opposition out there, there hasn’t been a lot of debate about it.”


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