Plenty Of People At Jersey Shore Beaches

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News
Belmar. July 5, 2013

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Beachgoers pack the beach in Belmar (photo by Phil Gregory)

Good weather on this 4th of July holiday weekend is attracting a lot of people to the beach.

So many beachgoers wanted to get to the oceanfront in Belmar that it was difficult to find a parking spot.

Belmar resident Bob Carnevale  is pleased to be on the beach after all the rain in June.

“I like the heat and to lay in the sun. So this is good for me. Yeah pretty much a summer ritual.”

Flanders resident Tracy Schweighart wanted to see what shape the beach is in after Sandy.

“Beachwise it looks wonderful as does the boardwalk. Believe it or not my parents used to come down here and we did. So it’s intrinsically part of us.”

Denise Liberto from Langhorne Pennsylvania says it’s important to show support for the shore.

 “It looks beautiful and I understand some things are temporary but it’s really great that it’s here for the economy again, for people to come and enjoy.”

Kearny resident Tony Collazo says it’s a good feeling to be back at the Jersey Shore.

“Oh just coming back strong after the devastation really unites us.”

Chester New Jersey resident Karen Ziemer has a summer home in Belmar and is pleased the beach and boardwalk are in good shape.

“I have come to the Jersey Shore since I was six months old. So back every year, love it, so glad to see it somewhat back together. This is absolutely wonderful, but friends of our live in Ortley and it’s different, way different.”

An ocean breeze and water temperature in the low 60s made the beach a popular spot to escape the summer heat.


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